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February 2008

2008-02-26 14:47:49 by JV2

So, what is new this month... Well madness 8 got out and that's great. But that has been a while and I'm already bored again.

Recently some idiots have been submiting craps like "AH CA in 499+ days" and a motherload of other pieces of shit. I mean, how the hell does that stuff get in newgrounds. Anyway, at least it is a good way to get blam points (I'm finally going to be a scout boy).

Outsde newgorunds I found a new idol: Jonh "the ox" entwistle the who's bassist and the best bassist in the world. And I'm thinking of taking bass lessons.

Anyway, there is not many more thing to talk about this month. If I remember something I'll write about it. Oh yeah, and the stupid thought:

"If the human brain was so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple we wouldn't"

February 2008

January 2008

2008-01-25 12:42:03 by JV2

As you may notice by the date on this post, I'll be going to post monthly.

So, January, new year, new computer, new modem, NewGrounds. Although I already new this website and I already had a NG user account, only this month i started to vote almost daily and it was only this month i finally figured out how to earn Blam/Save points. It was this month i discovered BrackenWood, Alien Hominid and some more popular games/movies. finally this month came out some sequels/prequels to my favorite series: tankmen 0.5, Fancypants 2, Mastermind 2 and I can almost smell Madness Combat 8.

Any way, enough with this rare smart talking (or writing), to be me I'll have to say something pointless so... here it goes: Ostriches have their eyes bigger than their brain.
(And so do some people)


January 2008


2008-01-15 15:37:31 by JV2

This isn't really an actual post, its just so I don't have to see that guy crying everytime i see my userpage.

Oh no, there he is again on the the emoticons bar!

There there little fellow, don't cry, i didn't mean what i said, im sorry...

Anyway, as you might have noticed, I've got personality issues, LIVE WITH IT!!!