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January 2008

2008-01-25 12:42:03 by JV2

As you may notice by the date on this post, I'll be going to post monthly.

So, January, new year, new computer, new modem, NewGrounds. Although I already new this website and I already had a NG user account, only this month i started to vote almost daily and it was only this month i finally figured out how to earn Blam/Save points. It was this month i discovered BrackenWood, Alien Hominid and some more popular games/movies. finally this month came out some sequels/prequels to my favorite series: tankmen 0.5, Fancypants 2, Mastermind 2 and I can almost smell Madness Combat 8.

Any way, enough with this rare smart talking (or writing), to be me I'll have to say something pointless so... here it goes: Ostriches have their eyes bigger than their brain.
(And so do some people)


January 2008


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2008-01-25 13:13:19

dinosaurs lay eggs indeed.

(Updated ) JV2 responds:

Well, for those who read the post after 26th jan, don't think this statement is crazy(1), i changed the last part of my post and I replaced "eggs came before the chiken because the dinossaurs came beore birds and they laid eggs as well" or something like that for that ostrich manbo jambo.

Anyway, thanks for the comfirmation man.

(1)Note: I'm not saying that this guy isn't stupid, I'm just saying he wasn't stupid this time. :D


2008-01-25 13:29:32

That's a good idea, I'm posting weekly summaries of my life as well. Not always much to talk about, but anyhow, seeing the changes keep me motivated.


JV2 responds:

I though of that too but im just too lazy.
Anyway, I'll post montlhy but that doesn' mean i will only write once a month. I might interrupt my "schedule" if something important happens, like the doom day comes or something like that.